Why Choose A&S

Since 1976 A&S homes has been a family owned and operated business, building an outstanding reputation for itself one home at a time. Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and outstanding customer service is the reason why A&S is considered a cornerstone in new construction. 

Everything from first-time home buyers, to extended families A&S has a collection of award winning homes that our suitable for all demographics. A&S prides themselves on offering top quality Eco-friendly products at an affordable price.

When you choose to work with A&S Homes, we're there for every milestone as you plan the details of your dream home. Our layouts are designed for entertaining, with room to grow. We offer flexible customization packages and upgrades that let you focus on the areas that matter most. All of our homes can be fully tailored and altered from the ground up to suit your lifestyle. Whether looking for a luxury condo or a modern home to call your own, A&S Homes has a place for you.

Industry leader in value

A&S homes pride themselves in offering a premium standard at one of the most competitive price-points possible. All our homes come standard with an array of quality products. that would in most cases be seen as costly upgrades. These include features such as; gas fireplaces, fully paved driveway and approach, delta MS wrap for foundations, engineered floor joist, as well as flat paint ceilings just to name a few.

Custom Build your home

Choose from our large inventory of designs and layouts, and adjust your home in all ways possible. Our goal is to take your every want and need and fulfill these specific wishes, in order to put you into the home of your dreams.

Exclusive in-house drafting team

Looking to build a custom home or modify an existing model, A&S homes has professionals on hand, for the most accurate and efficient service possible.

Exclusive design centre

A&S has built a massive design centre specifically with our customers in mind. Rather than having clients navigate from supplier to supplier we have brought them altogether as one. Making it a one stop shop for you to pick and choose all your finishing colours and materials. With the assistance of our interior design specialists.

Interior design services

Making those important colour and material choices for your new home is exciting but can be overwhelming. When making these decisions in our design centre we include a free 1-on-1 session with an A&S exclusive interior designer. These designers work with you to assist and ensuring your every selection will look just as you imagined it.

Endless Models and Layouts to choose from

Uncertain on exactly what you're looking for? Like a design but not to keen on it's layout? We have 100's of designs and modified layouts available all priced so we can fit you in the home you're looking for while keeping you in your budget.

Nearly 40 years of success and still family owned and operated

As one of the longest running home builders in Manitoba, A&S homes has been family owned and operated since 1976. A&S has become an industry leader in the residential development of Manitoba, largely due to their ongoing quality standard and pride in workmanship.



663 Stafford street, Winnipeg, MB

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